• Why use AMP on Your WordPress Site
    I still remember the year 1997 when I first got into Website design. Things have been quite simple those days. We have been working normally with a simple HTML page, some 5 pictures and maybe loading an external javascript file if things turned out to be more complex. CSS did not yet exist. In some … Read more
  • The Five Best AMP Plugins for WordPress
    Site Speed is an important factor for good User Experience. It is also an important Ranking factor for Google, and they are working hard on getting the web faster. Speed is especially essential on mobile, and the solution that Google is promoting for mobile speed problems is called AMP. It is a modified web page … Read more
  • Why You Should Never Buy a List
    What if you could drop a marketing email into 100,000 email boxes in one day for just a small fee? That sounds pretty enticing doesn't it? There are companies around trying to sell you an enormous list to send your messages. This is a methodology commonly called "Mass Mailings". That is the polite word for … Read more